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Chemistry is called the 'central science' because it connects the sciences together, and is essential for a variety of career paths.  There are many jobs involving chemistry, but even if you're looking in another field, the analytical and problem solving skills you gain through the study of chemistry are in high demand.

At a glance: Chemistry A Level

Specific Entry Requirements: Grade 6 in Mathematics and either Double 6 in Science or Grade 6 in Chemistry.

Teacher to contact: Mr Nathan Davis

Is this the course for you?  Are you interested in: The human body? Practical chemistry? Problem solving? Scientific research? Laboratory work?

Progression: Medicine, Veterinary Science, Biomedical Science, Biochemistry, Pharmacy, Forensic Science, Genetics and many more courses.  The wide ranging skills acquired during the study of Chemistry are sought after by many different courses and businesses.

Teaching Methods: Practicals, class lessons, individual research and presentations, guest speakers, off-site visits.

Exam Board: OCR