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Technically, Economics is the study of how the forces of demand and supply allocate scarce resources, for consumers, firms and at national level.  In practice, it includes all sorts of real issues, e.g. a tax on sugar, a minimum price for alcohol, the best way of reducing unemployment, whether income tax should be raised or cut and the impact of emerging markets such as India and China.

At a glance: Economics A Level

Specific Entry Requirements: Grade 6 in Mathematics

Teacher to contact: Mr Charlie Caiger

Is this the course for you?  Are you interested in: Is the government right to cut spending? Should we regulate businesses? Worldwide poverty and inequality? Current affairs and politics?

Progression: Actuarial Analyst, Chartered Accountant, Chartered Certified Accountant, Data Analyst, Economist, Financial Risk Analysis, Investment Analysis, Statistician, Stockbroker.

Teaching Methods: The students have to learn the basics of the subject through a structured series of lessons.  The core themes will be market failure and government intervention focusing on climate change as well as Monetary Policy.  After this we will branch out looking at some of the key topics that affect the entire world, this will be a journey on how different countries progress.   Will Africa be the new China? Students need to have a lively  interest in current affairs.

Exam Board: AQA