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Philosophy means the love of wisdom. It is the activity of seeking out truth regarding ultimate questions on life. A Level Philosophy provides students with a broad introduction to the study of Philosophy. Through the study of classical and modern texts, students will learn to understand the ways in which philosophers have analysed the core concepts of philosophy, and learn how subtle differences in analyses, structure and language can have wider impacts on philosophical arguments.

At a glance: Philosophy A level

Specific Entry Requirement: Grade 6 in Religious Studies or English Language.

Teacher to contact: Mrs Kirsty Whelpton-Smith

Is this the course for you? Are you interested in: What you can be certain of? Does anything else exist? What does it mean to be good? Do other people see things the way I do? The nature of a supreme being?

Progression: The analytical and evaluative skills you will acquire throughout this course will prepare you well for a broad variety of university courses and careers. In particular, Philosophy feeds naturally into courses related to Law, English Literature, History, Politics, Economics, Religious Studies, Theology, Sociology and Arts. It also combines with many other subjects such as the Sciences, Psychology and Mathematics

Teaching Methods: Debates, discussion, seminar, group work, presentation and textual analysis.

Exam Board: AQA