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Psychology is the scientific study of the human mind and behaviour. Studying Psychology at A level involves learning about theories of the human mind and behaviour, then evaluating these using research evidence. It also includes understanding research methods and approaches in Psychology.

At a glance: Psychology A level

Specific Entry Requirement: Grade 6 in Psychology or Mathematics or a single science.

Teacher to contact: Mrs Maria Betts-Davies.

Is this the course for you? Are you interested in: How the mind works? The relationship between mind and body? Individual differences and mental disorders? The scientific study of the human being?

Progression: Career options include; psychiatry, clinical psychology, counselling, social work, teaching, nursing, advertising, sales and personnel management. Beneficial for students looking to study Psychology at a higher level.

Teaching Methods: Psychology A Level is a very relevant and interesting course, allowing students to understand everyday behaviours. A variety of teaching methods are used including: discussions, group work, independent research, presentations and small scale psychological studies.

Exam Board: AQA